VMXdN Foxhill is set to be even bigger and more epic than 2023—if that’s even possible. With international teams joining the competition worldwide, the competition is stacking up in the legendary international VMXdN team race. Today (June 27th) marks just eight weeks until the gate opens on the most widely talked about event on the British and the world MX calendar. The latest team to announce their participation is Team Finland. 

Team Finland will be led by experienced team captain Mikko Lehmus. Having previously participated in the VMXdN Foxhill as part of the 2023 team, Lehmus secured an impressive 15th place individually in the race. This year, he will showcase his skills on a powerful 1990 9Z 250, proudly carrying the number 40 plate.

Joining Lehmus on the team is Eddie Tuomikoski, again returning after being a member of the 2023 squad.Tuomikoski will be lining up on a 2002 Honda CR 250, adorned with the number 42 plate. Rounding out the team is a new addition to the squad, Esmeralda Vesterinen, who will proudly fly the Finland flag on a 1999 Yamaha YZ 250 with the number 41 plate.

The event's concept was to create a motocross weekend like those we remembered from the golden era of 90s GPs, and VMXdN Foxhill certainly delivers. 

One of the highlights of the event is The Range Show’N’Shine, powered by Motoverde, which will be on Friday, 23rd. The sheer volume of machines and craftsmanship is first-class and a must for any MX fan. The social aspect of the event is equally impressive, with a vibrant atmosphere, a packed beer tent, and legends of the sport in every direction.

Race entries to VMXdN Foxhill are highly coveted, with entries selling out within 60 seconds of going live. Securing a spot at this event resembles Willy Wonka's golden ticket. MX fans are urged to book their camping passes and tickets early, as last year's event came dangerously close to selling out. The promoters have indicated that this year's event will likely be sold out before the gates open on Thursday, August 22, at 12 noon.

Don't miss out on the motocross event of the year! Join us at the VMXdN Foxhill for an unforgettable experience filled with epic races, incredible two-stroke dirt bikes, and a fantastic atmosphere.

"The Woodstock of 2 strokes" RACER X MAGAZINE

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